Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Better Late than Never...

These pics are from a while ago... we went to an ECU football game with Jeremy and Lindsey Jones. We had a great time....Jake sat through the whole thing- there were some tough parts where he just wanted to move around. However right before halftime he just got still and sat in my lap for the rest of the game... he was sooo good on such a long day. Ok here are the pics

Monday, November 24, 2008

For Exie...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jake has had some pretty bad diaper rash lately so i tried something that a friend recommended- I think it was Lindsey Woolard.
I let him sleep naked last night.... Now i know all the concerns crossed my mind too- like it will be too cold, he will pee all over himself and get cold. I thought about that and so i decided that it was bad enough to take this drastic measure. I put a nice warm top on him and socks so he was somewhat dressed. I also kept an area heater by his bed so it was definitely warm enough. Then i put a crib liner down with a thick towel on top. I also did not give him his nighttime milk- hoping that would keep him from peeing all night. It was a success- this morning he got in the shower with me for a quick rinse off just in case he did pee. His bottom looked 10x better. I just hope it stays that way...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My little helper

With Brent working overtime it has made it a little more challenging to prepare a non- boxed or microwaved dinner. However a couple of nights ago i thought to try something. Jake has always wanted to be where ever we are- like emptying out the dishwasher, brushing our teeth, blow drying my hair, cooking- etc. Well without Brent there to keep him occupied i decided to have him pitch in.

So the other night i pulled up a chair to the stove before burners were turned on and i let him mix the sauce together for the meatballs that we would later add. After the sauce was mixed i gave him his own pot and spoon to stir - to keep him busy.Then proceeded to fix our meatballs over the BACK burner. Every so often he would motion that the meatballs would need stirring so i would pull the pot off the burner and help him stir with a LONG handled spoon. Making sure to take all precautions to allow him to help but not get burned. He seemed to have a good time with HIS pot and spoon long enough for me to get done what i needed to. It was fun having my little helper with me and it lets him have a little "guided" independence.

Seems like everyday he wants to push the envelope of what he can do. I also know i will not be able to guide him much longer- soon i will just be cleaning up the mess....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Catch Up!!

The Internet is down and has been for over a week now. This has made it difficult to keep up with everyone and to get some blogs in myself.
We have had a pretty good week- Brent has been working overtime-- Cha Ching$$$ - i don't know if i spelled that right. The over time is definitely needed with Christmas traveling coming up- however i think that it has been hard on Jake. If we are out somewhere or at TNT he will walk around and stare at men trying to see if they are Brent. Poor kid. It has not been all bad- i try to stop by Brents office if i know that he is working overtime so they can get a little hug and kiss in. Every morning Jake wakes up saying DaDa!! So cute- Brent will go in and pick him up and the play around and get ready till its time to leave. On the other hand i honestly dont think Jake knows that i am his Ma Ma. Yes i know that he knows that im the one that cares for him but he has been cared for by two other women who are called Mom all day. I think that he only knows me as Emelie. When i say where is Ma Ma? he turns and looks around the room. I have been trying to remind Brent to call me Ma Ma when Jake is around but i think he forgets. He definitely knows his DaDa though- Im glad. I hope that by this Friday he will know me as Ma Ma- that would be the most wonderful present ever.
Jake is no long the take anywhere anytime child- his fussy miserable side has come out this past week twice when he has not received the naps that he normally gets. Up until this point he could skip a nap and still be fine and very well behaved. NOT ANY MORE!!!! If he has had his nap he is one of the best behaved children ever.
Our weekend has been pretty uneventful- nice for a change- T-giving is at our place so we have been picking up some extra clutter here and there. I am still having this week long head ache. I have received a couple of pointers- take out caffeine, eat more greens (iron), not sure what it is but it is getting to interrupt my daily activities more and more. AND it HURTS.... oh well.
I am very excited for the T-giving dinner tonight at church i think im going to make cream cheese mashed potatoes. Oh they are soooooo good- even better when they are left overs and fried in the pan. Yummm

ok well thats all for now now here is the good stuff--here are some picks of Jake and DaDa playing the guitar

Thursday, November 6, 2008


OK i was really excited about blogging b/c i had this great video of Jake and it will not post. I think it is b/c it is too big. Well now i am not motivated so here is one that will just have to do. Enjoy- if anyone knows how i can post a long video please let me know...