Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Toys

Here are a couple of new toys that we got at the consignment shop. I think Dad was more excited about the basketball hoop than Jake was.

This is a video that makes me second guessed getting him new toys. He seems to have just as much fun with his reflection, eating a blanket and a TV remote.

Monday, July 28, 2008

fun in the sun

These are a few photos of Sunday at the river with our Bible study group. We had a great time. Clint even took us out to try our hand at water skiing. I was excited but a little hesitant.....I have seen those crashes on America's Funniest Home Videos. I did not want to know what that felt like. Well we got out in the water and I said that I would go first b/c I did not want to see how painful it could be, I just wanted to rip the band aid off so- to- speak. Well I got in the water very nervous with Lorinda at my back trying to keep me straight with my ski's right- off I went. Clint pulled the boat faster and faster and before I new it I was up. I was so scared that I just let go- not b/c I fell but I did not know what to do next so I let go. They got me all ready and again and I was up. This time I went over a wake and did OK. Once I was over again I let go- I did not know how to recover from that and I new that letting go the last time did not hurt that bad. 3rd time, up I went for a good while, but I had all these things going through my head- do I wave- do I stand up more- do I just let go? I see every one in the boat telling me to go over a wake. In my head I'm thinking ahhh naa thats ok- so Clint started going faster, I quickly tried to tell him to slow down I started to feel my legs shake so I new that my time was about up. I decided to try that wake so I figured out how to steer my way over there and up and over I went then let go with full satisfaction. Ha ha ha it was fun. I fell soft every time. No funny video's. I probably could have kept going but my legs would not have made it. So after me Brent tried- well I will let him tell you how that went :}.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jake has been doing that late nap thing again for the past two nights. I need to hear from someone who is good a getting there kids in a routine. Do I wake him up when we are ready to eat dinner?- or should I just let him sleep? So far I don't seem to mind b/c he goes right back to sleep about 2 hours later. We have also been having a great time in those two hours. Last night we pulled the futon cushion off and put it on the floor and wrestled around. Oh he loved it. Since he liked that we grabbed the Giant Bear and Jake went a few rounds in the ring with him. The first time we did it giggled so loud he had us rolling on the floor. So of course once we get the camera out he was more interested in it than the Big Bear Throw down! We had a great time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just another day

So nothing really interesting has happened in the past two days. I did get some Amish bread mix from a friend of mine. For those of you that know me I am not good a keeping up with things and with this mix I have to do something to the mix everyday for about a week. The only reason that I am being hard on myself with this one is b/c she also gave me a piece of the bread that she has made- and it was soooo good. So I am being extra careful to not mess it up.
I did cook a tasty dinner and for those of you with not much time you would like this. It is a salad with pasta, apples, carrots, and turkey. I took the turkey -cubed it and sauteed it in EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) as Rachel Ray would say. I added some paprika, rosemary and oregano. When the pasta (any short pasta) was finished I drained it and added it to the turkey . Then I cut up an apple some baby carrots and lettuce. I put it all together in a big bowl and topped it with ranch. It was good and Jake liked it. Well he did until he threw it up.
I think he is getting a cold. He started coughing and he could not stop. I think this is the first time he has ever thrown up- I will have to check with Lindsey to make sure.
So after dinner he took a bath. Here is a funny shot of him trying to get the balls out of the cup. Then brushed his teeth, he seems to like it. Feels funny to brush two half grown in teeth, but they say it is what you should do. He likes the way it feels and tastes so I don't mind. Take a look at the videos- for the Granna, Grandpa. Nanna Kathy and Pappy

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family day cont..

So Ok...I don't know what is going on with Jake. The last two days he has been taking a nap at 4 and sleeping for 4 hours. So we did not eat dinner until about 8- 8:30. We had steak with squash, some herb noodles and homemade sweet potato- potato chips. Brent and I loved the steak and squash and Jake loved the noodles and chips. We had fun with Jake trying to eat the sweet potato's. After dinner we played around took some funny pictures and videos.. here is a couple. One really funny thing that Jake has started to do is sniff...i know that does not sound that funny but he does it over and over like a pant but through his nose. Watch the video and listen carefully you will know what i mean.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family day!!

Today was to be a family day. No cleaning, No work, just family fun.
So when we all woke up this morning Brent fed Jake while I had a cup of coffee. After coffee and breakfast we all crawled around on the floor and played with teddy bears and read some books.
When Jake went down for his nap Brent worked on the bills while I cleaned up a little....Just a little... When Jake woke up we ate lunch. Jake ate his first pretzel. At first he was not too sure if he liked it. Daddy of course played with him putting 2 in his mouth and making him laugh. I think he liked the way it sounded on his tray more than the way it tasted.
After lunch we all got ready to run to Target then to the park. This was Jake's first time on a park swing without all the straps on him. When we got to the park Jake was asleep so we had to wait for him to wake up. Once he did he seemed more interested in the other kids moving around than moving around himself. He was so cute. We were the crazy first time parents tyring to get pictures and all he wanted to do was watch the kids. He is so observant.
Tonight I'm going to make a good dinner then sit back and maybe watch a movie with my hubby after Jake goes to bed. So far today has been a great day. A day that makes you sit back and thank God for all the blessings that you have. Here are some photos from today.. Enjoy! We did!

Friday, July 18, 2008

This is the beginning for the Myers Family blogging.... Never having done this before it will probably be a little rough in the beginning.

Well I should probably start off with a little background info....

It all began on Sept 2, 2006 when I married the man of my dreams- Brent Myers.

It was not too long after that we were expecting our first child. Jacob Christopher Myers who was born on Sept 17, 2007. Surprising us 2 months early, God blessed us with a healthy baby that just needed some prayer and time to grow. He was in the NICU for only 18 days before coming home. The doctors were amazed at how well he did. Thank you Jesus!!

Once we were home it was perfect. I cannot thank God and the NICU enough- one for taking care of him- two for conditioning him to be the child he is. He is the easiest baby ever. He has his moments but over all an easy baby.

This is Jake at about 1 month old. It was not long before he began to grow sooo fast. Here are three photos that show you just how much he has grown. The first one is from the day after we brought him home with the wonderful woman( Lindsey Woolard) who cared for him for the next several months. The next two are of Jake and her son Silas.
As you can see he is a healthy growing boy ... he is now 10 months old and crawling...he is starting to pull up and will probably be walking soon... Stay tuned it will be here before you know it!