Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fourth of July Fun and Apple Tree "Staged"

Ok, so I know this is a little late but hey it's not even Emelie posting this time it's Daddy (Brent). Mommy is busy now-a-days trying to find time to work on the site so, maybe I'll be consistently in on the action now (maybe?). So if you remember in past blogs, we planted some two apple trees in the backyard along w/ a maple tree. Well, it's only been a year and a half and one of them has just produced our first apple, it's a little too ripe but none the less it tasted ok. Daddy (me) took a picture of it to show Jake, I had to take a photo of it because I noticed it 2 days ago and forgot to take Jake out to look at it while still attached to the tree, well, I was out mowing the yard yesterday and almost ran over the thing, so I ran inside and told Emelie and she told me to go back and, "Stick it back on the tree and take a picture of it for Jake !" so today (Sunday) I did and proceeded to show Jake the picture of the apple on the tree. I think maybe he grasped the concept that the apple came from the apple tree but I'm really not sure, in fact he probably had no clue despite the "fake picture".

So yeah, mommy is off at ECE (East Coast Encounter) w/ our youth ministry from Christs Church, she left us today and will not be back until Friday! (YEAH!) Babe if you read this, I'm only kidding. We've missed you like crazy already!!

So, anywho this was a fun fourth of July video we shot at the fair in Eden, NC near my parents place in Reidsville. Jake got to endulge in his first funnel cake, some more cotton candy and to top it all off the firework show didn't start until like 10pm so it took all we could to keep him up to catch the first 4 or 5 BANGS! of the show and then he dozed off. We couldn't believe it, but hey, we've trained him to sleep through anything, so hey, what could we you do ?? At my parents house he also got his first taste of eating corn on the cob (started by Granna). My mom began eating hers and decided to see if Jake would take, and he did, he loved it. Here's some more video and pics from my folk's backyard in some pool fun! Check it out!