Monday, August 25, 2008

Early Anniversary Present

My lovely husband last night surprised me with a night of horse back ridding as an early anniversary present. I have always wanted to go and he and Alyssa schemed all week and last night we finally went. It was amazing - it was dusk out so the air was cool. This was the real thing, not just going around in a circle while some else holds the reins. It felt wonderful to be on the back of a horse cantering through the pasture. I think that I am an old mountain girl at heart. The experience was wonderful and we are looking forward to going again. I wish that I had some pictures but it got dark and we were too busy riding.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A lighter note

So on a lighter note here are some more pics of Jake
Coming Home>>>>> Go to the bottom and work up....

My Sweet Sweet Miracle Home safe and sound...

In the cradle at HOME!!!!!!!
In the car seat on the way home
The last days at the NICU

Prayer Request....

So... Brent and I are coming asking for Prayer- we are at the point where we need to decide if I will continue to stay at the job that I am at- or is it not in our families best interest and do we need to make a move toward something else. We have till Monday to decide so please be praying that God will lead our decision and that we do not let our own selfish mindset get in the way. Thanks

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jake is Walking Check this out!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Flash Back

So here are some of the very first shots of Jake....hard to imagine that he was ever this small. The pictures at the bottom are the youngest shots and as you get higher he gets a little older. For some of you these may be hard to look at- I know that my Mom does not favor these shots. However the reason for the post is that in just under a month this little boy is turning one. And I want to take a moment and thank God for how he watched over and took care of Jake. Also I want to thank all those who were prayer warriors for him. Thank you for all those prayers going up and making Jake so strong that he still has Doctors scratching there heads. For the nest couple of weeks I will try to keep posting some pictures as he gets a little older- you will not believe the transformation....

Jake has learned to give kisses. It is so cute. It started a little while ago but through much encouragement it has been perfected. We go to see Granna and Grampa in a couple of weeks and we are very excited for him to be able to give them kisses. Here is a video of Jake giving Daddy some sugar, Mommy got some too- I just rather not be on camera.

Coming soon a flashback from the NICU- praise God that we have come so far. Stay tuned

Thursday, August 14, 2008

fisher price threw up in my living room

Thank you Gibbs family!- You would not believe how many toys Jake just got from the Gibbs. They are awesome. I guess his birthday came a little early. It really looks like Playskool, and fisher price threw up in pur living room. Jake was so excited that Caroline and Max were here to show him what to do with his new toys.

It also gave me the opportunity to go through the old toys and clean out the rattles and baby toys that he no longer plays with. I think his favorite thing is the giant light switch on the kitchen set. He learned how to turn off the one in the bathroom a couple of weeks ago. He also likes the moving train that you can put blocks on and they move up and down and turn around as the train choo- choos across the floor.

I know this is just the beginning of numerous amounts of singing- blinking toys. To be completely honest I even have fun with them at first. I can hear Brent now Mommy SHARE! hahaha

Brent and I have decided that for Jake's first b-day we would give him a Tree. Not sure which kind yet. Melanie Gibbs suggested a fruit tree. After thinking about that, its a great idea. That way he could not only care for his tree but he could also eat the fruit that it bears. Oh i can hear a great Biblical lesson coming on now!!!

Thanks again to the Gibbs Family!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today is a beautiful day. The windows are open the air conditioner is off.....This is the life. Not only is the weather so great, but Jake always knows how to make a bad day a whole lot better.
After having a stressful morning at work I came home to Jake with a big smile on his face and Alyssa was feeding him lunch. While he was eating I got the mail and found that Granna and Grampa (Pops) had sent some coupons and pictures from Aunt Katie's wedding.
I sat down with Jake once he was all cleaned up and started to go through them with him- naming everyone in the pictures. He seemed so interested that I also went through the pictures that Aunt Nan sent a couple days ago. About the 8th picture through we got to my Dad who goes by Pappy. This was the first time he had come up in a photo. With no encouragement Jake leaned forward and kissed the picture. It was so cute. As Alyssa and I watched a tear peeked out of both our eyes and to top it off the next picture was also of Pappy and he did it again. At that point my day had just got a whole lot better.