Saturday, October 10, 2009

Well its been a while.
I cant say -I'm back to blogging, life at the Myers house is a little busy these days. However, I have been sick this week with just about everything but the Swine Flu. Monday night I started out with the Stomach bug, which after a days worth of bed rest I got a sinus infection and by Friday It was topped off with, NOT pink eye- but and eye infection. All very tolerable on their own, but there is something special about them all together that just wiped- me- out.

I stayed home from work on Tues- the rest of the week I had a Mind over Matter approached topped with Sudafed and finally a Z pack! Needless to say all day today was spent resting- letting my body recoup. While my wonderful- wonderful husband was taking care of all the mommy and daddy duties today. So i had plenty of time to catch up on some over due blog reading. It was great to catch up and see what everyone is doing.

It seems there is a theme in the blogs i have been reading- being transparent. I would have to say that I'm cautious about being transparent with my thoughts. Partly b/c I feel that no one wants to read what I think. The other part is b/c I'm terrible with words- spelling them and putting them together to make a complete thought. This is the reason that most of what i post are pictures.

I think i have learned a little from those who have written a little more openly- I'm still a bad speller and am not good with words- however, inspired to write....


Jill said...

I am inspired by your life so I can't wait to read your words!

Exie said...

Hey girl... sorry we've been MIA. I am ashamed at how long it's been since we have seen you guys are spoken for that matter. sorry you've been sick. You happened to be sick while I was out of town. It might be too late now but is there anything I can do?