Monday, February 9, 2009

God is Good!!!

i wrote this like 2 weeks ago but never got the chance to post it--

Ok so I was reading my friend Exie's blog( tonight and the whole time that im reading it I am thinking to myself- "its like she is in my head", "that is exactly the way I feel" That has happened to me"- and when i got to the end of her post i noticed that she was talking to me. LOL well im sure alot of people but she definitely called me out by name. I love Exie.

To clue everyone in on what she is talking about- God has blessed our family in so many ways.
To give you a quick list of some unfortunate events that have come our way are:we had $1,400 worth of fraud on our account, our heat went out back when it snowed and was out for about a week then a couple of days ago decided to call it quits again. Our car broke /died around New Years. And I was told I only had two more weeks of paychecks - i was getting laid off. Sounds like everyone else out there, i know.

But the reason that all of this is soo awesome- yes awesome and in the good way, Is b/c since the first thing that had happened which was the Explorer breaking down God has always let us know he was going to take care of us. Since then we were given a car, I got a job at a pediatricians office, and Brent has mastered how to fix the heater. We have never really gone with out, God has provided in all ways with His perfect timing. We are sooooo Blessed!!!!

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