Friday, February 27, 2009

New Job

So it has been about 3 weeks at my new job at Children's Health Services, and things are going well. I really like working there, it is a different world but it has been a nice change of pace. Its been hard not being able to check email, make phone calls, and many other things during the day like i was used to. So that leaved it to be done when i get home. But Jake is just to cute to give that time up with him. Thus being the reason for not blogging in such a long time. However i am getting the hang of things and i am not as tired as i was. So i should be back to Blogging more regularly.

Other than the new job, we found out they are cutting Brents hours at work, so we will be taking another look at our budget to see what we can cut. We are hoping to sell the explorer so that will give us some cushion. Our tax return should help some also. Its tough but i KNOW with all my heart that God will provide like he always does.

Brent is on the Men retreat this weekend so that leaves just me and Jake. I have to work Sat morning so Lynn is nice enough to come and watch Jake for me. Hopefully when i get off we will have some girl time while the guys are aways- who know what could happen.

so MOM no pics right now but i promise i will get some up this weekend.

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