Thursday, August 14, 2008

fisher price threw up in my living room

Thank you Gibbs family!- You would not believe how many toys Jake just got from the Gibbs. They are awesome. I guess his birthday came a little early. It really looks like Playskool, and fisher price threw up in pur living room. Jake was so excited that Caroline and Max were here to show him what to do with his new toys.

It also gave me the opportunity to go through the old toys and clean out the rattles and baby toys that he no longer plays with. I think his favorite thing is the giant light switch on the kitchen set. He learned how to turn off the one in the bathroom a couple of weeks ago. He also likes the moving train that you can put blocks on and they move up and down and turn around as the train choo- choos across the floor.

I know this is just the beginning of numerous amounts of singing- blinking toys. To be completely honest I even have fun with them at first. I can hear Brent now Mommy SHARE! hahaha

Brent and I have decided that for Jake's first b-day we would give him a Tree. Not sure which kind yet. Melanie Gibbs suggested a fruit tree. After thinking about that, its a great idea. That way he could not only care for his tree but he could also eat the fruit that it bears. Oh i can hear a great Biblical lesson coming on now!!!

Thanks again to the Gibbs Family!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I miss you guys! The newest pics of Jake are adorable. :) He's such a little man!

We're about a week away from everything. (maybe before, maybe after) I'm excited but VERY nervous. I am trying to leave the whole situation in the Lord's hands but you know how us humans are. Worry, worry worry! :)

I'm off to work :( ttyl!