Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today is a beautiful day. The windows are open the air conditioner is off.....This is the life. Not only is the weather so great, but Jake always knows how to make a bad day a whole lot better.
After having a stressful morning at work I came home to Jake with a big smile on his face and Alyssa was feeding him lunch. While he was eating I got the mail and found that Granna and Grampa (Pops) had sent some coupons and pictures from Aunt Katie's wedding.
I sat down with Jake once he was all cleaned up and started to go through them with him- naming everyone in the pictures. He seemed so interested that I also went through the pictures that Aunt Nan sent a couple days ago. About the 8th picture through we got to my Dad who goes by Pappy. This was the first time he had come up in a photo. With no encouragement Jake leaned forward and kissed the picture. It was so cute. As Alyssa and I watched a tear peeked out of both our eyes and to top it off the next picture was also of Pappy and he did it again. At that point my day had just got a whole lot better.

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Amanda H. Avery said...

So sweet! I LOVE moments like that!