Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to normal

So the grandparents are back home and things seem to be back to normal. While they were here there was so much that got done- Brent and his Dad planted 3 trees- two of which are Jake's Birthday trees. The other tree was a maple. We took Melanie Gibbs advice and went with a fruit tree. We decided on apples. But as it turns out you cannot just get one apple tree if you want actual apples- you have to have two. And on top of that you have to have the right two so that they can pollinate and make apples. I am excited about the testimony that we are going to be able to tell Jake by using the trees. . Then they painted the shed- and for those of you that have seen it knows that it defiantly needed it.
While the guys were working out side I decided to clean out the island cabinets and get more organized. Now that the safety devices are on the cabinets I don't want to have to open 3 cabinets looking for one thing. But now they are all cleaned out I feel like i can finally relax. Continuing with the painting momentum Brent finished painting the house shutters tonight. Now all that has to happen is for them to go back on the house. Maybe tomorrow......
I cant believe that Jake is going to be one on Wednesday. It was this time last year that I was sitting in the hospital with the most amazing Kim Eubanks and the my Best friend/ husband by my side. I would not have changed anything - Jake is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to Brent and I. I look forward to Jake getting older and being able to tell him all that God did for him and his family. I know everything that went on had its purpose and Jake, Brent and I are who we are b/c of it.

Well thats all for tonight... till next time.....


creative gal said...

Happy birthday, Jake!!! :o) I hope you have a great one!! :o)

cynthia said...

Happy Birthday my little Hunk...I told your mom thanks for giving us a wonderful grandchild as you and she said..."no problem" and I'm sure your dad would say the same.

God bless your life as you begin it!! love and kisses, granna

PS Remember I love you best
I love you most
I love you deep
I love you wide
I love you this much!!