Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jake's Birthday Fun

Yesterday was filled with birthday traditions. Daddy woke up early and made us all waffles- this is Jakes favorite breakfast food. He can eat a whole on all by himself. Then Brent and I drove him to Miss Robin's together. Ridding together is not something that we have been able to do in the past, but I moved into his office building on Monday so now we all ride together in the mornings. Then we picked him up for lunch and took him to Pizza Inn- this too is one of his favorites. For dinner I whipped up some home made Mac- N - Cheese with some fish sticks on the side. He loved it- just shoveled it in. After dinner we decided to begin a tradition of making a fort in the living room with all kinds of blankets and chairs. We -- Brent took the futon mattress off and put it on the floor in the living room - then Brent built the fort around it. It was perfect. Just tall enough for Jake to walk around on the cushion. He thought it was funny that he could not grab the sheet and pull it down. I know most of you are thinking grown people sleeping in a fort- Let me tell you the reasoning behind this. When Jake was born I was pretty sick and Jake went to the NICU so I was not able to see him till some 24 hours later. So from now on till he no longer thinks its cool will we make a fort and camp out together all night. We had a blast- Jake woke up at about 5am and started playing around till we decided we were going to get up and get ready for work.

Here are a couple of observations that I have had about Jake and his first year in the world.
- It looks like he is going to be left handed (just like his Uncle Adam)
- He loves chicken
- He will eat anything as long as he can pick it up like a big boy
- He thinks the world of his Daddy and already wants to show him that he is a big boy
- He is the next Thomas Edison- the kid is fascinated with lights
- He loves to point so that you will tell him what he is pointing out
- He is very curious and wants to see everything
- He does not like to have his diaper changed
- He misses family far away and kisses there photos
- He prefers a musical with a baby in it over a cartoon
- He does not like wearing a hat until he figures out that it helps him
- He does not mind taking medicine- he actually like it
- He make the funniest faces
- He swallows most of his food whole
- He likes using a straw
- He still like to feel things with his mouth
- He understands and listens when we tell him NO
- He is comfortable with anyone and does not get scared with strangers
- He loves to watch and smile at little kids
- He has never really been hurt
- Even when he is sick his is in a good mood
- He is good a problem solving
- He likes to go for walks in the stroller but I think he would prefer to walk himself
Im sure that there is more and will continue to be more but this is all I can recall right now...


Anonymous said...

I love the traditions! One day when Jake is all grown up he is going to say, "I had the coolest parents!". This is Danielle by the way. Miss you guys!

creative gal said...

I LOVE IT!! BTW: The shot thing gets harder and harder, hate to tell you that. It breaks my heart. I think they remember, but they almost always do forgive us. :o) I LOVE HIM he is too too cute!! Check out my blog for some blog candy. :)