Friday, September 12, 2008

YAY !!!! for Grandparents

We have been so spoiled these last few days. Brent's parents were going to go to Frip Island for there vacation. Lucky for us the hurricanes came through and messed there plans up. We were able to convince them to come visit us. They had planned to come on Thursday of this week. WEEELLLL Jake got sick on Sunday so I called on Monday and said that Jake needs and his GrannaGrampa. Wonderfully they called and said that they would be here that next morning. WHAAAHOOOO. I was so excited- so was Jake he kept kissing the phone. So all week the house has been clean Jake has been home recouping from his cold and we have been able to wake up get ready and leave-- its been great. Oh Brent and I even got a date night. We decided to go play some tennis. Boy did I forget how bad at tennis I am. We were there about 3o min when I hit myself in the face when I decided it was time for ice cream. The people on the court next to us just started laughing-I think it was more at me than for what I said. Any Whoo. Once more day with Granna and Grampa --- sooooo sad-- MOVE TO GREENVILLE!!!! Please!

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