Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jake is not talking all that much yet- but he defiantly knows more than we think. He has gotten to this point where i will ask him to repeat a word or tell me what a certain animal "says", he will think about it for a minute and depending on what it is- he smiles and does this little fake laugh- it is so cute. This reaction only happens for special things. Like when i ask him to say Mommy, what does a snake say? and what does an elephant say?
He has started to pick up on some other things too. He has always been good at listening to "no" or "no sir" there are only a couple of things that he refuses to listen. Wellll- he has picked up the word NO- There have been several times today when i said no to him and he had stopped what he was doing turned to me and said no right back. Not in an oh just try and stop me way, but an obedient cute innocent way. I cant wait to see what he does next.

sorry no new pics yet- but soon

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