Monday, October 27, 2008

Pop Rocks

Now I know you all remember this wonderful treat. The sweet taste, the fun sound and the crazy feeling of little explosions- when in reality its candy passing gas in your mouth... funny when you think about it... Anyway while Brent and I were treating our selves to a long over due movie night we saw the wonderful treat and grabbed a pack for later. We thought Jake would get a kick out of the popping. Later that night we gave him a little bit to see what he would think- not too much emotion so we decided to save the rest for the morning when he might not be sleepy. Around lunch we tried again and still not to much emotion- i think he just liked the fact it was candy more than the crazy party in his mouth. Oh well maybe next time when he can understand a little more about food and that it is funny when it explodes in his mouth- well we can hope.

It has been a while since i have posted and i realized that i forgot to post the HAIR CUT. Here is a video and and some before and after shots...



Not bad Huh!!!
Don't worry the curls are coming back already

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