Saturday, October 4, 2008

On The GO...

Well these past two weeks have been so crazy- every time i even think i have a second to blog i have just not been motivated. I woke up this morning refreshed and ready to go. Brent woke up and made waffles and eggs. They were so good- i thought that he put some vanilla in the mix. And now Jake is taking a nap and i get to enjoy a tallllll cup of coffee. I LOVE COFFEE!!! It has been a long time since i have been able to just sit and enjoy a cup from beginning to end.

Today is going to be fun- when Jake wakes up we are going to take him to the park across the street and let him play and run around. Later we will probably head out to the dollar store we have a couple of odds and ends to pick up then tonight is the volunteer banquet. I am looking forward to some olive garden.

B/c we have been so busy and had so much going on at night i have been able to stretch out having to go the grocery store- and we have only had to eat out twice and we went cheap. I think it was Monday when Brent and i were going to go food shopping but something came up and we were not home- then we had youth group on Tuesday and with everything going on i challenged myself to see if i could make it till the following wed- next wed. So far so good but man am i scrapping. Ive decided this week i am going to plan our meals out and shop for only what we need for the meals. I usually refill the pantry so to speak when i go but I'm only going to get what we need.

Tomorrow after church we are driving to Raleigh to have a small family reunion. Brent's parents, grandmother, uncle, his sister and her husband and his parents are all coming. Big gathering. We always meet @ south point mall. We get lunch at Camps and enjoy walking around- usually followed up with some ice cream. While we are there we are going to see if we can get Jake a new Carolina outfit- he has out grown his other and since its not b-ball season they should be on sale. Then if we have time and the price is right i might look for a pair of jeans. Since i lost all my preggo weight i have been so excited cause i fit back into all my clothes. Well all except my jeans - yes I've lost the weight- but no things are not the same SHAPE they used to be. I would just love to find an everyday pair of jeans. I'm looking forward to tomorrow jeans or no jeans.
Well that's all for now... All of you up there in Jersey - miss you terribly her is a video to keep you going till we can hopefully come visit in December..

This is a video of Jake and Uncle Jeremy playing with a frog that he got from the aquarium that we went to at the beach... We would not have got this for him if he did not seem to enjoy it so much

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