Monday, July 28, 2008

fun in the sun

These are a few photos of Sunday at the river with our Bible study group. We had a great time. Clint even took us out to try our hand at water skiing. I was excited but a little hesitant.....I have seen those crashes on America's Funniest Home Videos. I did not want to know what that felt like. Well we got out in the water and I said that I would go first b/c I did not want to see how painful it could be, I just wanted to rip the band aid off so- to- speak. Well I got in the water very nervous with Lorinda at my back trying to keep me straight with my ski's right- off I went. Clint pulled the boat faster and faster and before I new it I was up. I was so scared that I just let go- not b/c I fell but I did not know what to do next so I let go. They got me all ready and again and I was up. This time I went over a wake and did OK. Once I was over again I let go- I did not know how to recover from that and I new that letting go the last time did not hurt that bad. 3rd time, up I went for a good while, but I had all these things going through my head- do I wave- do I stand up more- do I just let go? I see every one in the boat telling me to go over a wake. In my head I'm thinking ahhh naa thats ok- so Clint started going faster, I quickly tried to tell him to slow down I started to feel my legs shake so I new that my time was about up. I decided to try that wake so I figured out how to steer my way over there and up and over I went then let go with full satisfaction. Ha ha ha it was fun. I fell soft every time. No funny video's. I probably could have kept going but my legs would not have made it. So after me Brent tried- well I will let him tell you how that went :}.

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