Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family day cont..

So Ok...I don't know what is going on with Jake. The last two days he has been taking a nap at 4 and sleeping for 4 hours. So we did not eat dinner until about 8- 8:30. We had steak with squash, some herb noodles and homemade sweet potato- potato chips. Brent and I loved the steak and squash and Jake loved the noodles and chips. We had fun with Jake trying to eat the sweet potato's. After dinner we played around took some funny pictures and videos.. here is a couple. One really funny thing that Jake has started to do is sniff...i know that does not sound that funny but he does it over and over like a pant but through his nose. Watch the video and listen carefully you will know what i mean.


cynthia said...

That is a wonderful looking plate of food and a delicious looking little much I could eat him up!! Love, Granna

Myers Family on the Go said...

today he learned to give kisses...does not do it all the time but maybe he will have it down pat when he sees you next..