Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family day!!

Today was to be a family day. No cleaning, No work, just family fun.
So when we all woke up this morning Brent fed Jake while I had a cup of coffee. After coffee and breakfast we all crawled around on the floor and played with teddy bears and read some books.
When Jake went down for his nap Brent worked on the bills while I cleaned up a little....Just a little... When Jake woke up we ate lunch. Jake ate his first pretzel. At first he was not too sure if he liked it. Daddy of course played with him putting 2 in his mouth and making him laugh. I think he liked the way it sounded on his tray more than the way it tasted.
After lunch we all got ready to run to Target then to the park. This was Jake's first time on a park swing without all the straps on him. When we got to the park Jake was asleep so we had to wait for him to wake up. Once he did he seemed more interested in the other kids moving around than moving around himself. He was so cute. We were the crazy first time parents tyring to get pictures and all he wanted to do was watch the kids. He is so observant.
Tonight I'm going to make a good dinner then sit back and maybe watch a movie with my hubby after Jake goes to bed. So far today has been a great day. A day that makes you sit back and thank God for all the blessings that you have. Here are some photos from today.. Enjoy! We did!

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cynthia said...

What fun...a day at the park..even though we couldn't be together this weekend it was nice to have living pictures. God has truly blessed us all with all of you...continue to make time for the FUN!!