Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jake has been doing that late nap thing again for the past two nights. I need to hear from someone who is good a getting there kids in a routine. Do I wake him up when we are ready to eat dinner?- or should I just let him sleep? So far I don't seem to mind b/c he goes right back to sleep about 2 hours later. We have also been having a great time in those two hours. Last night we pulled the futon cushion off and put it on the floor and wrestled around. Oh he loved it. Since he liked that we grabbed the Giant Bear and Jake went a few rounds in the ring with him. The first time we did it giggled so loud he had us rolling on the floor. So of course once we get the camera out he was more interested in it than the Big Bear Throw down! We had a great time.

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cynthia said...

I think you just let him do his thing and he will get back on schedule. It's good that he does go back to sleep later so that's staying on schedule.